PET Recycling

“PET Recycling” — Profitable Conversion of postconsumer PET containers into commodity type polymer products.



In addition to being environmentally beneficial, PET recycling has become a tool for economic development. Global volume of Recycled PET (rPET) market in 2013 exceeded $12 Billion USD.

Industry applications

PET flake produced by REPET can be used in a wide range of industrial applications, substituting the use of virgin PET resin preserving our precious natural resources and reducing CO2 emission.

rPET “made in California”

Historically, “made in California” logo on any product was the synonym of superior quality and we are committed to observe this tradition. Today REPET, Inc. is proud to offer to the market its California made core product — hot washed clear PET flakes of top quality. The annual amount of the flakes available for purchase is 80 M lbs or 36,000 MTs.
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Plastic products

Together with clear recycled PET flake, annually REPET, Inc. offers to its customers over 15 M lbs of different recycled plastic products like PET flake of green and mixed colors, PE, PP, PET fines etc. ready to be used in further processing without additional treatment.

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