Recycling is a daily activity for more than 100 million Americans and a great way to protect our environment and stimulate our economy. Recycling saves resources, prevents pollution, supports public health, and creates jobs. It saves money, avoids landfills, and best of all, it’s easy.

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Value of recycling

To understand the value of recycling, we must look at the entire lifecycle of a product ? from the extraction and processing of raw materials, to the manufacture of the product, to its final disposal.

Recycling Saves Energy

By recycling about 30% of our waste every year, Americans save the equivalent of 11.9 billion gallons of gasoline and reduce the greenhouse gas equivalent of taking 25 million cars off the road.

The use of energy necessary for production of 1 ton of virgin PET resin causes the emission of almost 2 tons of CO2 while recycling process emits only 400 kg of CO2 per ton of the material.

Recycling Prevents Pollution

When recycled materials are used in place of virgin materials during manufacturing, we avoid the environmental damage caused by incineration and landfilling.

According to the data from US Environmental Protection Agency - Recycling 1 ton of Plastic bottles saves 1.5 tons of CO2 vs landfill or incineration

Recycling Creates Jobs

For every one job at a landfill, there are ten jobs in recycling processing and 25 jobs in recycling-based manufacturing. The recycling industry employs more workers than the auto industry.

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