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    Responsible Technology,
    Perfect Product
    Our Philosophy
    Environmentally responsible business model
    Sustainable “Waste to Raw Material” production mode
    Best quality product for new packaging applications
    Continuous growth of planned production volumes
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    “PET Recycling” — Profitable Conversion of postconsumer PET containers
    into commodity type polymer products which save
    1.2 ton of CO2 emission per ton vs production of virgin PET resin.
    Each ton of recycled PET allows saving of 2 tons of crude oil.
Green Jobs
170M lbs
of recycled plastics
in sales
80M lbs
annual production
320K sq. ft.
of business space

Green Clean Great Environment with REPET
technology for recycling

Our state-of-the-art production line

Industry Links

REPET, Inc. actively supports and participates in a variety of industry activities.
We refer you to the following organizations that are actively involved in providing information and promoting recycling and other forms of sustainable development.

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